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ASUS Zenbook UX303UA 13.3 inch Notebook (Intel Core i7-6500U, 12 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, WLAN, BT, Camera, Integrated Graphics, Windows 10) - Bronze Aluminium

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>>> ASUS Zenbook UX303UA 13 3 inch <<<

ASUS Zenbook UX303UA 13 3 inch

Feature :

  • Intel Core i7 processing delivers laptop performance
  • Full HD screen makes high-detailed films, games and everyday browsing
  • This is a fully-fledged broadwell part in terms of its power saving features
  • Massive battery life from a smaller battery
  • Full-size SD card reader and a microHDMI
  • Intel Core i7 processing delivers laptop performance.
  • Full HD screen makes high-detailed films, games and everyday browsing
  • This is a fully-fledged broadwell part in terms of its power saving features
  • Massive battery life from a smaller battery
  • Full-size SD card reader and a microHDMI

Details :

ASUS ZenBook series represents the essence of ASUS design spirit, and UX303 takes this to another level of sophistication with fresh and gorgeous new colours including Smoky Brown, Icicle Gold and Rose Gold.

The elegant colour themes are further enhanced by the iconic spun-metal finish that echoes the spirit of Zen.

The classic lines of the ultra-light, all-aluminium ZenBook have been enhanced with a slimmer profile, tapering to just 3mm at the front.

It's chic, elegant, timeless, and powerful - it's ZenBook UX303.

Experience vivid, crisp graphics with the 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen display, with its sharp 1920 x 1080 resolution.

With 300cd/m2 brightness, a contrast ratio of 770:1 and an anti-glare coating, blacks are deep and whites are stunningly pure.

Profile, tapering to just 3mm at the front.

It's chic, elegant, timeless, and powerful - it's ZenBook UX303.

ZenBook UX303 uses a high-quality IPS display with a wide colour gamut (72% NTSC), so the colours you see on screen are accurate, vivid and realistic - even at the widest viewing angles! Developed by the ASUS Golden Eye team, exclusive ASUS Splendid technology gives you vivid, accurate colours no matter what you're watching.

It works by automatically fine-tuning various display settings to optimize all kinds of images.

The result is richer, deeper colours and stunning visuals whether you're watching videos and movies, playing games or browsing through your photos.

When it comes to performance, ZenBook UX303 has all the power you need, and more.

With the latest 6th-generation up to Intel Core i7 processors and state-of-the-art storage, UX303 will never keep you waiting, whatever the task.

Effortless multitasking, smooth video playback, and super-fast application launches - ZenBook UX303 is always ready when you are.

It's supremely energy-efficient too, meaning fewer trips to the power socket.

High-speed storage is crucial for fast application startup and an effortless computing experience.

Timeless, And Powerful - It's ZenBook UX303.

Experience Vivid, Crisp Graphics With The 13.3-inch Full HD Touchscreen Display, With Its Sharp 1920 X 1080 Resolution.

With 300cd/m2 Brightness, A Contrast Ratio Of 770:1 And An Anti-glare Coating, Blacks Are Deep And Whites Are Stunningly Pure.

Profile, Tapering To Just 3mm At The Front.

It's Chic, Elegant, Timeless, And Powerful - It's ZenBook UX303.

ZenBook UX303 Uses A High-quality IPS Display With A Wide Colour Gamut (72%
NTSC), So The Colours You See On Screen Are Accurate, Vivid And Realistic - Even At The Widest Viewing Angles! Developed By The ASUS Golden Eye Team, Exclusive ASUS Splendid Technology Gives You Vivid, Accurate Colours No Matter What You're Watching.

It Works By Automatically Fine-tuning Various Display Settings To Optimize All Kinds Of Images.

The Result Is Richer, Deeper Colours And Stunning Visuals Whether You're Watching Videos And Movies, Playing Games Or Browsing Through
Your Photos.

When It Comes To Performance, ZenBook UX303 Has All The Power You Need, And More.

With The Latest 6th-generation Up To Intel Core I7 Processors And State-of-the-art Storage, UX303 Will Never Keep You Waiting, Whatever The Task.

Effortless Multitasking, Smooth Video Playback, And Super-fast Application Launches - ZenBook UX303 Is Always Ready When You Are.

It's Supremely Energy-efficient Too, Meaning Fewer Trips To The Power Socket.

High-speed Storage Is Crucial For Fast Application Startup And An Effortless Computing Experience.


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